NAV is calculated in euros. The performance chart shows the performance of the LHV Persian Gulf Fund - Class A Unit (EE3600095287) until the merger of LHV Persian Gulf Fund into the SEF-LHV Persian Gulf Fund on 2015-04-13 and since then the performance of the SEF- LHV Persian Gulf Fund Share (LU1138349862). Please be aware that performance in the past is not a reliable indicator of future results. Historical annual average performance figures are geometrical averages based on last calendar years.

  NAV/Price 1 day 1 week MTD YTD 2 Y avg 3 Y avg 5 Y avg Date
Class A 11.3910 0.16% -1.13% 1.41% 6.93% -9.09% -2.58% 9.17% 18/6