Gulf states to aid unrest-hit Bahrain and Oman

In article in Kuwait’s daily paper Al-Qabas it is stated that the energy rich Gulf states plan to launch a massive Marshall-style plan to assist Bahrain and Oman which have been hit by unrest.

Citing unnamed senior sources, the daily said the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council states were holding discussions that may culminate in a summit to launch the aid package.

The aid program was aimed at boosting economic and social conditions, and living standards in Bahrain and Oman, as well as provide housing to the needy, create jobs and upgrade public services, Al-Qabas said.

Bahrain and Oman are the poorest of the six-nation GCC alliance, with limited oil resources and problems finding jobs for their native population.

The United States launched the “Marshall Plan” in 1947 to rebuild western Europe after World War II. The scheme was named after its architect, US secretary of state George Marshall.

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