Liquidating SEF-LHV Persian Gulf Fund on June 27th, 2019

Dear investor,

Since Swedbank’s fund hotel that LHV Persian Gulf Fund has been using in Luxembourg is closing down then we have decided to liquidate the fund. Fund’s liquidation date is set at June 27th, 2019. Please familiarise yourself also with the official notice of the liquidation.

Starting from today LHV Bank does not charge any exit fees from the fund. Fund is open for redemptions as usual until June 26th, 2 pm Luxembourg time. Fund units that are held by investors who do not send in their redemption orders in time will be compulsorily liquidated automatically on the fund’s liquidation date that is set at June 27th. Proceeds realised from the sale of the fund units will be automatically transferred to all the remaining unit holders. Starting from today no subscription orders are accepted for LHV Persian Gulf Fund, redemption orders are accepted as usual.

I have managed LHV Persian Gulf Fund with LHV’s investment team since September 2010 and during this time frame fund’s value has increased after all fees by ca +70%. Fund’s performance in 2019 has been +5%. I wholeheartedly thank all the investors that have put their trust in me when investing in the Middle East.

Joel Kukemelk
Fund Manager of SEF-LHV Persian Gulf Fund